Reviews for "Daylight Train Crossing"

ah this one

Really cool, starts soft, has a nice fill to it, and a great beat. Reminds me of some old school Darude stuff, idk why lol

Yodamanjaro responds:

Idk either haha and thanks man.

God I love this.

It's really nice. Has a good beat. It's very addictive and just hooks you in. It reminds me a little of Scatman John's song, just because of the background beats. They sound similar, which is what captivated me the most.

Great piece. Hope to hear more!

Yodamanjaro responds:

I've got a ton on my soundcloud (using the same name on there), and I've got some others on my NG page. Check 'em out! (And thanks for the review)


Ahhhhh!!! damn u. im addicted to this song now i cant stop listening to it. thaks for creating such a beautiful song

Yodamanjaro responds:


Reminds me a lot of Chicane

Were you listening to a lot of "Giants" by any chance when you wrote this ? For some reason I cannot get "Middle Distance Runner" out of my mind when I listen to this ! Very nice work, you are obviously as talented as hell.

Yodamanjaro responds:

Haha no, thanks though!

The intro

I love the start up. Well done!

Yodamanjaro responds:

Thanks man!