Reviews for "Daylight Train Crossing"


Give me more like this melodies!!! good work buddy ;)

Yodamanjaro responds:

Check my Youtube/Soundcloud/label! I go under the names of Yodamanjaro and Derrick Meyer on them. Enjoy and thanks for the review!

Nice Song.

Simple and Good. This Song is really nice. I like the Combination of the Trance and the silent Train Sounds at the Start.

+ DL

Yodamanjaro responds:

Why thank you, glad you liked it.


i almoust wanted to ask which program you use, cause this sounded like a familiar soundtrack to me. Thought maybe audiotool? But the moment i saw in which entry it was used i knew were i heard it before.

And so i wanted to move on. With the search for other good trance songs but interrupting this one seemed just wrong.

so since i'm already waiting for the song to end, why not write a review ;)
props this really is a great song.

Yodamanjaro responds:

You should check me under my label, www.storiesintrance.com, I go under the name of Derrick Meyer on there. I've got a ton more trance like this track through them (and it's mostly on youtube if you search for my name). Thanks for the review!


This made it to my mp3 player!=D

Yodamanjaro responds:


Thank you

You inspired me to start making music, and I really want to become as good as you one day. This song is amazing, and for me at least, the true essence of beauty. Again, thank you so much :)

Yodamanjaro responds:

No problem! Thanks for listening.