Reviews for "Daylight Train Crossing"

Very nice

10/10 5/5 i like what u did its preety good i like alot this music u mixed perfectly the notes did i hear a piano?

Yodamanjaro responds:

Haha yeah you did.


I recognize that kick (or whatever, from the beat.) from FL Studio right? Sounds like the one that is provided with it.

Yodamanjaro responds:

It actually isn't. You might want to listen to it again.

Thanks for playing though.


i like piglets

Yodamanjaro responds:

Wait, what?

Good Song.

But your intro is some kind of...awkward, like instead of starting the melody, you put beats, and it gets faster and faster, and the transfer of beats into melodies sounds bad. If you could make the intro better, I'll give you a 10.
But it sounds good, so who cares.

P.S.:The piano sounds somehow like the intro for Paradise On E.

Yodamanjaro responds:

It's the start of a train.

Another thing: I'm the creator of the song, not you. I make songs I like to listen to; that doesn't always mean everyone else likes them. If I had half of the reviews telling me they didn't like the intro I would have tried to see it from their perspective but you're the only one saying this.

Best song.. In the world. :3

My absolute favourite song! <3

Yodamanjaro responds:

I'll disagree but thanks!