Reviews for "Daylight Train Crossing"


right around 0:30 is where it gets the best, after that it just gets better. Makes me nostalgic :(

Yodamanjaro responds:

No doubt, thanks for the review!

Nice Work :)

I like how the song progresses slowly but suddenly at the same time. Pretty much everything sounds great in this, I love the pad especially. I personally thought the piano melody should've been done by a synth, but that's just my opinion. I thought I'd also take this opportunity to tell you that your Walk Alone remix is one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard on here, and I still love listening to it now.

Great work :)

Yodamanjaro responds:

Wow man you're really dating me on this lol that song is OLD. You really gotta go to youtube and search for my new stuff (Derrick Meyer). You can't go wrong with it, you really can't.

Great job

10/10 for me. I'm working on my first song for this site right now. hopefully it can be good as some of the other songs on here xD

Yodamanjaro responds:


This is so awesome.

I like your audio submission because how awesome it is.
I declared this the awesome audio submission.

Yodamanjaro responds:

I declare this is the 39th review.


So awesome I forgot what I was going to say!

Yodamanjaro responds:

It happens often, no worries. Thanks for stopping by.