Reviews for "300 QUEERS"

nice penis!

WHOOO !!! that was funny when he kicked him in the pecker...

Great Job!

Well, the title did give it the impression that it was going to be somthing like this, lol. So I tought I would watch it. I have to say, the art for the play is good, nice drawing there and very pink.

The opening art, nice and art throught is really great, had very little to do with the 300 film itself except for the charectors, lol. But that's not a porblem, it makes it very unique and that's nice to see with spoofs.

The sound is amazing and the voice acting is good too, the sound of water in the main animation might have been decent, but not needed. The lip sync with the voices was good, which is great, so good job there.

And the story itself, well, it was funny and reminded me of some of the other things I have seen that follow this sort of theme, nice to see you can adapt it to everything, lol. I guess I can expect to see other spoofs from you using this kind of theme.

Overall, a really great submission and a unique spoof. Brillient artwork and animation ontop of that, nothing I can see that needs improving, always nice to see.

Good job and I hope to see more :D



PS: I'm not gay.

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks for lmaotastic review


HAHAHA That was awesome, but kinda gross, dicks and all... haha the Spartan theme song ><