Reviews for "300 QUEERS"

Lol good joke. What a classic.

That was very beautifully animated. It's weird how I see all these naked women in the advertisings. I mean, this is the exact opposite. I love when he says that there's nothing wrong with being gay. He just isn't. Or is he?

Wait, I just said this was beautifully animated. Does that make me gay? Not that there would be anything wrong with that. I was just thinking about Don Imus. He kind of looks like Michael Bay.

This is the only porn I've seen today that has hair on their penises. I salute you, "I'M NOT GAY"

Came very close to falling out of my chair and pissing myself at the end there

I remember this being the fucking video that my friend watched from newgrounds. I don't know why i showed him this video but I did...