Reviews for "Crowds"


hated the very beginning, but I totally jammed to the rest of it

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

The very beginning is like that because its a test on progressive drone and also is the gap in between songs. Its a song for an album.

That was the fastests 6 minutes ever :|

I definitely wouldn't mind a 12 minute version of this, well done :)

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Then you should TOTALLY keep a look out for my new album later this year! :D


Its just fantastic... fantastic... fantastic...

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

If you like that then check out "Breathe With Me" :D

Extremely Inspirational

It brought me --- To tears


It all started in a very crowded place, an overpopulated city. The wind could be felt rippling through the streets and the sun shone through the bellows of smoke that clouded the skies. At one moment the crowd could be heard bustling through their daily noisy routines, but then an instant later, it all cut off to a somehow tranquil white noise. I felt myself begin to float from the street-sides, above the building-tops, to the skyscrapers and beyond. It was here that I could see the rolling hills of green that used to coat this now barren landscape it felt like some fantastic hallucination. I was drifting further and further upwards and as I did, I felt an overwhelming peace surround me.

As the ground became more and more hazy, what once appeared as a complex civilization, mankind, was now a blur. Radio communications became visible and I could hear them audibly. I was now in the clouds. A slow flying plane passed by me on its' way to the landing strip. I looked outward and saw something horrible. There was a clamor amongst the people on the airfield. Though I could barely make it out. The city was being set on fire. I felt a heart wrenching terror as I struggled to move downwards, but to no avail.

It was now that I was beginning to penetrate te atmosphere. I felt as the soft shell of the nurturing bubble of oxygen passed around me like a waterfall around a rock. I found myself in a place where there was no sound. I couldn't even hear myself. I looked down and saw that all that was once green on the earth had been set a blazing orange. Mankind had finally destroyed himself, but perhaps there was still hope for him.

I suddenly felt a rumbling shift all around me; I realized I was getting bigger. I was already two times the size of the earth. I saw as the few remaining forms of life began to rebuild what was left. A single tear fell from my eyes as my hope in mankind was renewed. Perhaps, with this next chance, we can finally create the perfect world. I slowly turned my eyes outward, into the vast reaches of the galaxy and beyond, to find something extremely unsettling. A black hole was slowly drifting into the solar system. I watched as it ravenously consumed Pluto, with obvious intent for more destruction. It was on a collision course for earth.

I tried everything I could to re-direct it, it seemed to have no effect on me, and I seemed to have none on it or its movements. I watched with immense despair as it approached earth. People had probably noticed it by now. I could see space shuttles and ships leaving the surface of the little blue and now black dot. they all tried to escape towards the opposite direction of the black hole. It was too late.

It changed course for a moment towards the moon. It casually made its way into the moons orbit as it swallowed all the debris and attempts by mankind to redirect its course. The moon was now gone. Small things on the earths surface began to be swallowed whole by the immense mass of otherworldy pulling and crushing forces. Now when one looked at the sky, they saw a black cloud of dust, illuminated by the light caused by the friction in the swallowing giant.

There was nothing that could be done. Earth was consumed. The shuttles that were so helplessly trying to escape began to fight the gravitational pull. There was nothing left that they could do. The engines were disabled by electromagnetic activity and they were quickly pulled into the mix of chaos. I fell to my knees in utter heart-throbbing sympathy for all of those who had died. Everything was gone. The black hole slowly drifted away; leaving nothing but stars on the horizon. It eventually fell out of my sight as I stood where earth used to be. Wishing there was more to our presence on earth than that. If only we had been prepared instead of destroying ourselves over petty matters. If only we had been ready to fight for our survival. To fight into another age.

Everything went black.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Man I love really long reviews like this. Thanks a lot for dedicating your time and effort to writing such a beautiful thing! I am impressed that you were able to imagine so much complexity with such a simple track. That shows how large of an imagination you have. You should try writing for the Christmas writing contest. I might be judging and would look forward to your story!

Now then... what you imagined had the main theme of "astronomical" mixed with "loneliness" which made you feel an overwhelming emotion of "helplessness". This is the sort of feelings that I hope to portray in this son, but at the same time perhaps provoke a sense of inspiration and fighting for whats right. I was very happy that you were able to feel all of this and explain in it a detailed meditational state. Very nicely done.

You should try and experiment with some mediational techniques. I will be making a lot more music like this with much more complexity. This is only two pads! My previous song is a multitude of pads, and my next one will contain a guitar, piano, and beat to make a Jazz/Drone song. Check out "KingBastards - Beautiful Isolation" on google, download it, and let me know what you think. Also, you can try gong to youtube and typing in "Steve Roach" to listen to some amazing soundscapes much more professionally done than mine.

I still have a lot to learn, but the fact remains that my music seems to create a certain feeling that I have only dreamed of imposing on people. Thank you so very much for sharing with me that I have accomplished this with even this, very simple track. Drone music is something that is rare and usually not veyr well done... but I really do put a lot of poetic symbolism into each of my songs and am VERY glad people can actually understand it.



'As I stand there, looking onward at the empty, deep-blue sky, slowly looking down at the grassy field, I feel the emptiness. As I stand there, truths pass my mind, yet I shun them.

They persist, trying to force their way into my head. I turn a cheek, only to find more.

They surround me.

I try to run, but they keep on my heels, breathing down my neck like a monster.

At any moment, It could knock me on the ground and tear me apart, leaving me a lifeless, soul-less body.

The 'truth' that I can't escape only slows me down. It only slows me down.

It only slows me down...

And then I wake up...'

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

So your saying that you can be enjoying the beauty of life, and then get thrown down because of the stresses of reality.