Reviews for "Crowds"

another great work

really enjoy this song. I love the static sound in the background. I feel going with your title Crowds that the constant waves of static really fit but the sounds of ambient and isolation really contrast with it in a nice way. Its like the feeling of being alone in large crowds.

please keep up the great work.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Thanks man, thats exactly what I had intended actually. All of my works seem to have a main feeling of "isolation" but in a contradicting feeling of "warmth" and "peace" at the same time... i think this was influenced from KingBastards, "Beautiful Isolation" CD actually although I just play from my heart. I think that this might be my last drone track... my first two songs, "Ruby Moon" and "Dead Snow" were completley practice tracks, leading up to the more professionally made "Crowds" and "Breathe With Me" tracks. My next tracks will be very guitar and piano oriented with a bit of lyrical composition, but will still have some drone elements! :)