Reviews for "300 Reservations"

not bad!

i'm a 300 fan myself.. i must say u did good although it wasnt THAT funny, but it made sense.. nice animation style btw.. keep it up!

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine at the cinema!

Thanks! I felt I did good for not actually seeing the movie yet. Soon, though...maybe this weekend.


That was good. i liked how you took "we dine in hell" literally. very good, keep it up

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine, literally!

Thanks for the review!

only bad thing is

another website already made a comic about this. but this was better. also i dont know how much i missed cause when it showed the panning view of the soldiers, i thought it was a loop and deleted it and im to lazy to watch it again.

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine in the portal!

The music was different, but I had feared people would think that as a loop...I should have changed it up a bit.


this totally just made my day. nice job.