Reviews for "300 Reservations"

Fairly good

It was a nice animation, made me chuckle, but the voice just made it flop. Woulda been better if you (or whoever did the voicing) shouted.

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine at a professional recording studio!

Yes, I did the voices myself. I can't do a gruff voice for shit, let alone gruff shouting. Thanks though!


lolz, that was one of the funniest short animations i have ever seen, keep on doin the great work!

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine in Port Elgin!

Thanks for the review!

no christianity...

but they have phones. kwl XD
but they also have a hitler thingy. when hitlers great great great great great greatgreat great great great great grandparent weren't born then. do all the alternate universes and parralel dimensions share the same hell!?

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine is parrelel universe no. 4233127!

Thanks for the review!

Christianity hasn't been invented yet

but they have phones?! Good stuff.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but this still was funny. It could have been longer, yadyada,... Now, it's a fine short addition...

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine with continuity errors!

Yeah, I haven't seen it yet either. I mostly pieced this together from what I've seen in parodies and the trailer.


F*cking hularious! Some good stuff man please make a series. You have a very good sense of humour...or whoever wrote that. But nice animation all around.

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine on Newgrounds.

Seriously though, check my other submissions. See the one that says F.U., that's a series of mine. Six episodes and counting. And I do write all these, except FUXMAS, I didn't do that one.