Reviews for "300 Reservations"

Original and funny.

New, and the first in the line for some good, original parodies of 300. Keep the good work up.


hmmm i thought hell was allot bigger since so many ppl go there


Trully masterpiece.

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine with Citizen Kane!

Best 300 parody i've seen

It is great one of the creators of the F.U series made another movie. It's really funny how you took one sentence and created a punch line for an entire flash movie. This is really funny.

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine in Colorado, while working on F.U.3.

Thanks for the review!


That was so funny...I actually loled when the movie was over...I was just sitting there laughing. ROFL. And that's a big oopsy that he said "hell" when Christianity wasn't invented rofl.

rockymike responds:

Tonight we dine with historical accuracy!

If you pay attention to everything (Hell, Hitler, the telephone) you'll find all sorts of oopsies. Thanks for the review!