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Reviews for "Like A G6 (Xayro Seversky RMX)"

Indubitably so.

Very nice remix, my friend. Your electro bass has earned you e-peen points (lol big dicks). Much better than the original. Nice transition from that clubby/hip hop style to electro house in the chorus. Now all we need is a super orgasmic remix of Impressin' Chicks *smug*

It has bass, and bass is the only thing I like to listen to. Srsly 4 realz tho. Trololol.

Xayro responds:

I like this review. Here, have a free ride on my Gulfstream 650. We're popping bottles and drinking. The sober women in first class are acting like they are intoxicated. I think it might be my presence.

Obviously fantastic...

I like pop. Even gay-ass top 40 pop. I like almost ALL music from just about every genre.

But I don't like the original "Like a G6" song. Your remix absolutely takes a dump on the original song and looks sexy doing it.

The vst that kicks at 2:08 and is also at the beginning of the song (the pluck melody from the original song) could use a little more depth. Use a different vst or try some chorus or reverb to fatten up the sound because it sounds kind of old school - a little too simple. Dont get me wrong it still sounds good but we are talking improvement here.

Xayro responds:

I appreciate your opinions on the song! Especially since you expressed them so well. However, that pluck sound is a muted electric guitar, so there's really not a whole lot of depth. And its supposed to sound a little old school. Or a little minimal at least. I tried to give the song an old-school hip-hop feel in those breaks. Dunno if I succeeded or not, but I tried XD

Thanks so much for your input, and I'm happy you enjoyed the track.

A formal request to a Mr. Andrew Arnett.

Hello Sir,

I would greatly fancy a ride on your Gulfstream 650 as I do like to delve into the pleasures that have been showcased within this track. Perhaps I can try my hand at demonstrating the illusion of inebriation within the first class cabin's female passengers. Good day.

Xayro responds:

Dear Mr Chris Henson II, Esquire,

Your request has been processed into my personal private airliner computer system. My attractive, and also fertile, secretaries will file through them on a day-to-day basis. As far as permission from my hand goes, you are more than welcome to partake in the glories that is my Gulfstream 650. I have to warn you though, the young lass in the front row's whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of many males to my place of residence and/ or employment, and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of the rest of the plane's. Absolutely, it far surpasses theirs. She could convey to them the recipe, but she would have to demand compensation and she rather demands far too much of such. I would recommend this female.


5/5 Nice remix.

Xayro responds:

5/5 Nice review.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Haven't heard the original...

But I'm sure you probably make it look bad... This is awesome.

Great mastering!

Xayro responds:

Well, my good sir, you should give the original piece a listen and give it an informed opinion! The original lacks in a lot of areas, especially in the melodic area. I have taken those parts that were lacking and placed them inside of /MY/ Gulfstream 650 Business Jet and flew them around the world, culturing them in the ways of the world, and dropped them back off in LA, where they reformed into this remix.

Ignore the sombrero. We stopped in Mexico and partied more than we probably should have.