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Reviews for "A Modern Swinger"

I should say, this is well made, but i doubt you made the details on the bra and underwear :P
No cheating on my watch, but beside that it is exceptionaly well made, improving you skillz once again just wonderfull Wools-alot!

WooleyWorld responds:

Totally masked it with a lace texture... I'll try it myself in the future, but it won't look nearly as good.

Is it just me or did you try a new shining and shadow effect? Oh and the chest blush was a nice add on, it really sells the suggestive theme that you have going on. to be honest though, you do need a bit more practice with drawing this kind of stuff, though it's still really good ^^ Keep up the good work

WooleyWorld responds:

Same old technique. I just used better tones to shade and I just wanted to add some highlights.
If you're going to say I need more practice, I'd prefer you actually list the problems. Otherwise please don't bother. PM them to me if you like, because vague statements don't help me.

I'd take her up on that offer ;D

Haha thats great!

I will be honest here the only reason i am dropping 5 is because i want to see the sequel to this:
"A Modern Swinger 2 the electric fuckaloo"

WooleyWorld responds:

.... sparks are gonna fly