Reviews for "The Wii Collab II"


freakin awesome

Dammit I want a Wii so badly!

*Sigh* well I must say this was swell although I expected a little more out you guys. But still you guys rock.

Sigh... I Want a Wii so badly...

As for your toon, I am not impressed. A lot of you have been very lazy in the making of this collab of Wii Satire as Muffin honestly admits. Still I find some of this funny. I did like Fat Badger's rendition of Zekey as an action figure. Your Mii Group photo was friendly and warm. The Nintendo menu music fitted nicely as well. As for Zekey's unecessarily long and rushed part, the "Wade is a Nazi" joke is reaching its point of climax, but it was fun to see Wade playing out his fantasy through the wonderful VR world the Wii brings.

Find a hole and die in it please...

I thaught you guys would have learned your lesson the first time. Your Wii collabs are gay! The flash in general is horribly made, the humor is for a 1 year old, and you had absolutly no real resons to diss the Wii. Maybe thats why your first one has a score below 1.30, and why this one is spiraling down the toilet. I vow to keep voting 0 on this until it gets taken off...DO BETTER!!

~Luigi-dude10 >)


its just BAD, it has no sense style or even a story for each thing exept the second one, its still bad.

SquaresHard responds:

coming from a guy who likes playstation still, i dont think im too worried ^___^