Reviews for "The Wii Collab II"

Not good enough

I've seen some pretty horrible flash in my day, but none as bad as this.This was absolutely horrible; the graphics were a mess, the sound was horrible, and one of the entries was a pic of a muffin.this is the worst collab i have ever seen.next time, put some effort into your flash, and get some one not as lazy as muffin.

SquaresHard responds:

o look, another no talent rehab giving advice on how to make a better flash.

Sigh... I Want a Wii so badly...

As for your toon, I am not impressed. A lot of you have been very lazy in the making of this collab of Wii Satire as Muffin honestly admits. Still I find some of this funny. I did like Fat Badger's rendition of Zekey as an action figure. Your Mii Group photo was friendly and warm. The Nintendo menu music fitted nicely as well. As for Zekey's unecessarily long and rushed part, the "Wade is a Nazi" joke is reaching its point of climax, but it was fun to see Wade playing out his fantasy through the wonderful VR world the Wii brings.