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Reviews for "Meta Knight's Revenge(GaMetal)"


Dude you are my fave artist on NG besides Kirb and Alvin, these rocks are all epic wins. Keep it up man. And I have a request for you, could you do the Pokemon Theme in GaMetal? Thanks. =D

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Glad I could be one of your favorites :) i'll probably do the pokemon main theme in the future, but I have a ton of other songs and requests to get to, but ill keep it in mind for sure. Thanks!


I don't know why but I can just imagine Meta Knight storming through his own airship and owning everything inside


You get the DUDE of approval!

I feel like i'm invincible now

This song is just so great,I feel like i can take on anything with only a rock and stick.


This is, I'm gonna say right now, the only good cover of this song. Ever.