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Reviews for "Meta Knight's Revenge(GaMetal)"


purely epic

Holy Cow!!!

You're my favorite audio artist on Newgrounds and the first audio creator to make it onto my Favorites List! Your songs are awesome! I enjoy listening to wonderful songs and hearing them changed into even better ones! Kirby and Meta Knight are one of my favorite video game characters EVER and their songs are amazing. I thought nobody could change them into any better versions until I stumbled upon you. My favorite Kirby songs are Gourmet Race and Meta Knight's Revenge and I'm glad to hear both those songs you've revised and posted! I cannot wait to listen to even more of you awesome songs! This song made it into my favorite audio on Newgrounds EVER!!! I love the ending, especially when you're using the headphones! It beats on the left and the right which took me by surprise the first time I played this song and it makes the song seem much better, especially after you listen to it for the first time for two and half minutes and then you start getting bored and then suddenly out of the blue the beat starts which wakes you up and you think to yourself what a great song it is! Keep up the amazing work on those music!


Tottally using this!

Hooray for Meta Knight

Loving my fav kirby character villian. Makin a colage of greatest and faved villians i made and seen :3 Meta knight was added first cuase hes epic.

your Bit Masta


I am a Kirby fan

This is amazing! I have just downloaded this song and will play it while I am playing "Meta Knightmare Ultra" in Kirby SuperStar Saga. I am a huge Kirby fan, and this song is excellent. The only thing I didn't like was that 8-bit, watery sound at 1:13-1:24. It bothered me in the original song, and it didn't really fit here either. But everything else meshed perfectly and really fit the theme of the game. (I'm still looking for a more dramatic orchestral version of this song as a theme for Meta Knight himself. I just can't see him jamming away on a guitar.) This is an excellent level theme song.