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Reviews for "Meta Knight's Revenge(GaMetal)"

One of the perfect pieces of music in Nintendo history, and you've NAILED IT! I can't believe it!

You've truly earned my listening and my five-star rating.

And this is why i love Kirby

Dude, i can't stop loving this song. If you ask me, it's one of my favorite songs in Kirby History, and your remix is perfect! =D

Dentist appointment tomorrow.

Jaw dropped way to hard. Doesn't mean I wont stop listening to this badasry though!


it kicks the same amount of ass metaknight does

Well... i'll put my words right here for you...

Amazing.. pretty awesome version of meta knight's revenge.

I've heard a few versions of that song on newgrounds.. but i believe this one has to be the best one i've listened to.. Great work man.

Keep up the pace and great work.