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Reviews for "Meta Knight's Revenge(GaMetal)"

Hmph! Not bad! Your skills are quite remarkable!

I'm not gonna lie I've heard alot of Meta Knight's revenge back ground remixes but this is probably the best.

I am impressed

I feel more impressed with this theme than i was before. You made the brawl version look like crap :P

another awesome song.

Love the rendition, but I wish the original battle theme for Meta Knight was used. I know it wasn't nearly as exciting in music sense, but it gave you a feeling of being terrified of him. His original fight in Super Stars was a showdown, he didn't even attack till you picked up the sword.

pretty damn kickin'

I'm really impressed with how well-made this track is.

You redo the Brawl arrangement near perfectly, and all of the instruments sound good. There is perfect balance between rhythm, lead, and percussion here, and there is really nothing for me to point out specifically and say "this doesn't sound right."

Because it all sounds right.

Great job, and keep up the amazing work!