Reviews for "Happy Dream"

very cool

wow that was impressive, very unique, and you should be extremely proud of yourself. The only bad thing about it was that it ended. It was something different you managed to make something cool without violence or humor. bravo.

I can.

What else to say ?

regardless of what you say, this is good

i think the animation even if jittery is perfect for the style this has and so it gets major props for that.

plus it's so simple and abstract at the same time with a vivid originality.

make some more.

p.s. suggestions on title The Cracked Rose or something or Rose Requiem or see thesaurus for other words on dream.

made my day =D

this clip made me all soft inside, I was like: hey this is exactly the way i feel. it's also a very nice view on dreaming. this is what makes me like newgrouds =D


It brightened up my day. Very beautiful and very Artistic. :D