Reviews for "Happy Dream"

Very Creative Experiment

Great job, cut and creepy at the same time. It was short, though because this is just an experimental short, time means nothing. Great animations and the style is lovable, it looks like it was drawn with crayons, which makes it attractive.

very nice

It was sweet and pleasent. I for one think the title fits perfectly.
I gave the graphics a 10 because it looks hand drawn (dont know if thats the case but what ever)
The style got a 9 cause its a happy cartoon.
Sound got a 9 cause well its a good song.
Violence got a 9 cause the things head split open haha. interactivity got a 4 cause well I had to hit play.
Humor got one cause I chuckled when his head split open.

make more. ( this def gets a 4 which is wierd for me cause I normally rate low cause I have high standards.)

Cute in a creepy sort of way

I was expecting something longer but this is still good, when his head was opening up I expected something gross but no instead you messed with us and instead you have a red rose, and then to go farther you have him pop out, a little cute thing with a smile that says "I’m on top of the world" and that just gave me a huge grin, keep going with this style of art cause it looks good and impresses me a lot.


really matches the style of Pink Floyd.
amazing visuals, bit dhort tho.


Those visuals are amazing... how did you do that?