Reviews for "Happy Dream"

very cool

wow that was impressive, very unique, and you should be extremely proud of yourself. The only bad thing about it was that it ended. It was something different you managed to make something cool without violence or humor. bravo.


nothing more to say.
The animation was amazing for this style, and i think you should keep doing it cause you are amazing at it.
keep up the great work

Very Unique.. I liked it

This was a very unique I was expecting something crazy or funny. But what you came up with is something very unexpected and that I have not seen before. This animation is very good and I don't think a lot of people see things like this. I have to admit when I saw the head peeling I was expecting some weird little twisted kids mind but instead we got a flower and happy music very creative and well drawn. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future animations.

Cute and peaceful

That made my day my life is hectic thank you so much. Its beutiful.


It brightened up my day. Very beautiful and very Artistic. :D