Reviews for "Happy Dream"

unique style

I really liked the way it was presented. That music reminds me of childhood days too.

Excellent flash!

Reminds me of an acid trip I had once back a few years ago, I loved it.

Genuine Masterpiece.

To make a short story short, some skeleton plushy doll guy sheds his entire calcium compound pact of skin off his already skinless(not to mention eyeless) self to reveal his mind. His mind grows a flower and the flower sprouts himself in a bizzare reincarnation turnabout...That is not the point however. The point is that each frame of this movie was painted with loving hands that cared to take time with production. It showcases paternal affection inside and outside. Thats why people should take their time off to view this movie. It's so short, but it will capture the heart of everyone.

*gasp!* I LOVE THIS!!!

Okay, watching the head being peeled open might not have exactly been cute, but it was still a very nice animation! As for it being choppy, it adds to it's own style and really adds a sleepy time mood to the animation. It's like some of those really old cartoons I remember seeing a long time ago, where a story was being animatied to a certain book being narrated. I loved those things. Also, what is that song?! I have an old wind-up marry-go-round music box that plays that exact same tune. It's been in my house ever since I could remember. Anyway, this animation, strangely ^_^ Keep up the good work! You're already going under my favorites!

Great flash!

At first, I though it was creepy the way the head opened up, but it turned out amazing! I wonder if this is what we see in our earliest dreams?
Come to think of it, it seems really weird to have a "dream": You see things in your mind while you sleep.
IDK, but it seems amazing if you think about it...