Reviews for "Happy Dream"

unique style

I really liked the way it was presented. That music reminds me of childhood days too.

Very Nice

I like your style :) I'll add this to my favs .

Thank you,

You made my day. Just watching this animation brought a smile to my face; it's just so cute. It's obvious how much effort you put into this (was that animation a series of cut outs?!) and for that I gave you 10.

*gasp!* I LOVE THIS!!!

Okay, watching the head being peeled open might not have exactly been cute, but it was still a very nice animation! As for it being choppy, it adds to it's own style and really adds a sleepy time mood to the animation. It's like some of those really old cartoons I remember seeing a long time ago, where a story was being animatied to a certain book being narrated. I loved those things. Also, what is that song?! I have an old wind-up marry-go-round music box that plays that exact same tune. It's been in my house ever since I could remember. Anyway, this animation, strangely ^_^ Keep up the good work! You're already going under my favorites!

Great flash!

At first, I though it was creepy the way the head opened up, but it turned out amazing! I wonder if this is what we see in our earliest dreams?
Come to think of it, it seems really weird to have a "dream": You see things in your mind while you sleep.
IDK, but it seems amazing if you think about it...