Reviews for "Happy Dream"


dude this is creepy... i gave you a 4 cuz its good animation but it skares me to dead ness

It's ok

I ussually don't like experimental clips, but I did like this one. The music was cute and it made me smile.
Your style is original and it looked very nice from my point of view.

Keep it up!


good I guess

I don't really get into these types of animations but I thought the graphics were good as well as everything else, but I just didn't understand it. Preety good though. Keep on making stuff like this. Just because I didn't understand it doesn't mean no one else did so keep making these it's a good way to express you're feelings. I vote 4.


This film is very short indeed around 30-40 seconds when loaded sweet graphics though this guy hs spent alot of time doing this so for what it's worth it's a good film ;]


Really, i didnt get the point