Reviews for "Happy Dream"

It's ok

I ussually don't like experimental clips, but I did like this one. The music was cute and it made me smile.
Your style is original and it looked very nice from my point of view.

Keep it up!



hmmm how can i say this, i taught it was something happy u know like cheerful but after seeing it i gotta admit made me kind EmO lol so bah its all good but i gave u 5 cuz it aint happy its wack and weird but good talent tho :P

Thank you,

You made my day. Just watching this animation brought a smile to my face; it's just so cute. It's obvious how much effort you put into this (was that animation a series of cut outs?!) and for that I gave you 10.


nothing more to say.
The animation was amazing for this style, and i think you should keep doing it cause you are amazing at it.
keep up the great work

regardless of what you say, this is good

i think the animation even if jittery is perfect for the style this has and so it gets major props for that.

plus it's so simple and abstract at the same time with a vivid originality.

make some more.

p.s. suggestions on title The Cracked Rose or something or Rose Requiem or see thesaurus for other words on dream.