Reviews for "Happy Dream"

Cute in a creepy sort of way

I was expecting something longer but this is still good, when his head was opening up I expected something gross but no instead you messed with us and instead you have a red rose, and then to go farther you have him pop out, a little cute thing with a smile that says "I’m on top of the world" and that just gave me a huge grin, keep going with this style of art cause it looks good and impresses me a lot.

Very Unique.. I liked it

This was a very unique I was expecting something crazy or funny. But what you came up with is something very unexpected and that I have not seen before. This animation is very good and I don't think a lot of people see things like this. I have to admit when I saw the head peeling I was expecting some weird little twisted kids mind but instead we got a flower and happy music very creative and well drawn. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future animations.

*gasp!* I LOVE THIS!!!

Okay, watching the head being peeled open might not have exactly been cute, but it was still a very nice animation! As for it being choppy, it adds to it's own style and really adds a sleepy time mood to the animation. It's like some of those really old cartoons I remember seeing a long time ago, where a story was being animatied to a certain book being narrated. I loved those things. Also, what is that song?! I have an old wind-up marry-go-round music box that plays that exact same tune. It's been in my house ever since I could remember. Anyway, this animation, strangely ^_^ Keep up the good work! You're already going under my favorites!

good I guess

I don't really get into these types of animations but I thought the graphics were good as well as everything else, but I just didn't understand it. Preety good though. Keep on making stuff like this. Just because I didn't understand it doesn't mean no one else did so keep making these it's a good way to express you're feelings. I vote 4.

made my day =D

this clip made me all soft inside, I was like: hey this is exactly the way i feel. it's also a very nice view on dreaming. this is what makes me like newgrouds =D