Reviews for "Happy Dream"


I think, this guy is beautiful and original. The colors were oh so beautiful. I do not think it worthy of many awards because the length and story were shallow, but artisticly it was amazing.

Weird but Good -__-

I thought of it as a little emo...but it was EXTREEEEEMLY creative
and interesting. I like it.

Rough but very soft

I whole heartidly agree with GeologyWizard. Your graphics definitley made this flash and thus becomes your style.
I was instantly attracted by them and I find that they add alevel of depthness to the flash movie.

Overall a sweet little flash.

I say rough but very soft, because the harsh graphics work along side the tender music very well.

I look forward to more from you.


You may disagree, but I love the roughness of your flash; it really works with your drawing style...very morbid, but I love it.

Please, make more because I am tempted to stop at a frame of your animation, print it out and put it on things (I honestly have never felt that way about anything...flash-animation wise).

I hope you get a good grade on your animation because I love the colors, textures, and the roughness of it. The effect is superb.


...sui generis...


that was really impressive work. the style of your animation reminded me of some of the classic children books like where the wild things are. i couldn't really point out anything i didn't like about this; good work.