Reviews for "Happy Dream"

hmm *assume positive conotation here*

Neato really. This toon if properly applied to many children could be a great cause of insanity and subsequent mass killings. Therefore it is because I look forward to watching them on TV sometime in the not-to-distant future I give it an 8 out of 10


that was one of the best graphics flash ive ever seen

well presented, nice color and texture.

Fun to watch.The background where pretty nice(photoshop?)I liked the color and textures applyed to the character and flower.congratulation for makin' frame by frame animation.

unique style

I really liked the way it was presented. That music reminds me of childhood days too.

Eh, you could do better

Very cute, and good style, but the music was a lil too, whats the word... childish. But it sorta freaked me out when a flower grew from his head. *shivers*