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Reviews for "Revolutions"

(he he he)

Looks like the Dimrain 47 has come back again to kick some ass! He rules in the techno section! Dawn not even I can do something like this! Your really doing so well man! All of your music's are double platium! Of cousre you don't know HWO the hell I am but who cares! This song is fucking V.....IEWTIFUL! Keep it V man...keep it V! I reviewed I download and Vote V5 out of 5!


Needs more Diversity, and more Orginality.

ALL of your songs are WAY too fast... It would be an enjoyable ride if this might of slowed down and showed its true quality.. But it's too bad it went too quick.

3r|) |)eca|)e

Dimrain47 responds:

I've written some slower, trance-like stuff, but it ends up bieng like 5 mins long and over the KB limit (4000 Kb.) so I cant post any of it on NG.

Your slowly Changing

It seems like your trying to change your style and trying to get more diversity from your other stuff. It still sounds a bit like the other stuff but seems to be more like a race car game drving music :P . Its not my favorite from you but you did a good job on getting away from your other style a bit :)


you are my hero. i love you. marry me.

Dimrain47 responds:

Holy shit, I've only posted this like 5 mins ago.... haha...