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Reviews for "Revolutions"

What the...?

You've probably heard enough about how good this is...on an almost unrelated note, where did 2:56-2:57 go, it ends at 2:55!?


Agreed with everything guy below me said :)

Btw IF YOU LIKE THIS TRACK don't forget to check out my trance remix here on my newgrounds page :D



This song is undoubtably the most epic Techno ever heard of in my life;it is the king of Techno. When you even think about it, this comes to mind.
This should be in the Record-breaking Books.

I love it d[^_^]b

Only one problem: it sounds completely retarded at 2:57


Oh man! I saw this in the Sonic Shorts and have been looking for it ever sense. Should have known they both (this song and Sonic Shorts) came from Newgrounds! (Damn You Tube) >:(

Anyway I am so Happy I found this awesome tune! Please don't stop making the crazy techno you do! :D