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Reviews for "Revolutions"

its a dream!

wow! i felt as if i was in a dream or another world while i listened to it!
dream dream dream dream... lol
i love the clarity in your songs!

I'm shocked!

I loved this song. It was featured in a game called Dodge em 2. They unfortunately didn't give the name of the song or the author. I loved the song, and favorited it via a different site just for the music.

And what a surprise when I clicked to listen to Revolutions. I would have never ever guessed my favorite techno artist would have made the song! Probably the best and funniest coincedence ever, eh?

Anyways, onto the actual song. It's great, upbeat, and for some reason, it draws me in and juggles me all around. Very original, never heard anything like it. :)


wow.....thats just sooooooooo kool...wow!

........all right

I have NO idea what to say in this review. That doesn't mean it is bad, but that doesn't mean it's good either. so....


p.s: Okey I got it! This audio is great/awsome.

10/5 to it

this here is compared to "frozen in black and silver" and "twilight techno", it's very good. Nothing much to say, it's very good and it's a thing you can put in a party and everybody will LOVE.