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Reviews for "Revolutions"

1:14 poodle poodle poodle poodle poodle poodle poodle poodle quasar

HOLY... This brings back memories. This was one of my favourites back before the days of YouTube. Newgrounds will forever be the place where the really good music comes from. I used to listen to this a lot, back when it first came out. Such an amazing track! I wouldn't mind a remastered version or even a remix to be honest! :D

I've tried listening to this one while watching perpetual motion videos, and it sure as hell worked! Therefore, this is exactly what I can observe as the theme of this song, since it shows how the world runs in perpetual motion!

You are my fav music maker in NG :D I luv ur music so much!

Instant classic for me the second I heard it in 5th grade. Saved it and played it every single day for almost 10 years and it still hasn't gotten old. Your arpeggios are amazing.