Reviews for "ride"


Did i just watch the bastard child of Alice in Wonderland, Magical Mystery Tour, and Willy Wonka?
I gotta give praise for style, and the choice of colors at the beginning was very good. I have no idea what it means, but since when do trips make sense, anyway, right?


im stoned as fuck right now, and that movie fuckin tripped me out.
great job

(i gave it 10/10 for violene, humor, and interactivity, just cause it doesnt apply here)

Very artistic and cool...

That is one wierd-ass movie...but it's so surreal that it ends up being one cool-ass movie at the same time.


just like fantasia 2000 loved it but you gotta admit mickey with the broooms is a masterpiece

positivley wonderful

a beautiful animation, i loved it!!!