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Reviews for "Clocks Playing Poker"

LampClock, ChairsClock, TableClock, ChipsClock, CardsClock, FloorClock, WallClock, and Grandfather Clock.

Luwano responds:

You forgot WineClock, WhiskeyClock and CigarClock.

Happy Clock Day!

:D im included awesome! happy clockday and great illustration

Luwano responds:

Thanks I appreciate it. Happy Clock Day to you, too!

wow, a great version of the classic ''dogs playing poker'' painting, a really nice work!
i like the vibrant colours, and the thick lines...
really cool!

you've drawn every clock perfectly...
also the strawberry clock cameo was clever, just like the grandfather-clock one, and the CLEVER hint/detail on tropicana's side: his orange-bix body had this text on the side: '' you cannot kill strawberry clock..'' nice!

all in all, its a perfect clock-day tribute, and i like it.

my only complaint is, that im not in the poker table! bah, im BB10-clock sir! outrageous!!! >: (
lolz jk, you did a great job, and thanks for listening to my suggestions...
happy clockday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luwano responds:

Thank you for your review. Your feedback and that from the other clocks matters a lot to me.

I gotta admit, the grandfather clock is part of the original painting "A Friend In Need", so while I was aware of the meaning, it was not my idea. I'm glad you like it though.

I'll make sure to add you in the next drawing. Not sure when that will happen, I rather not make promises I can't keep up with again. :P

Hope you guys had a great clock day!

That's a lovely jawline you've given me. Excellent work.

Luwano responds:

Thank you! The jawline was inspired by some of your movie icons... then extended to make it look like you're actually on the chair. :P

Awesome! I LOVE paintings of animals and other entities playing poker. Great job! ^____^