Reviews for "Attempting Suicide"


nice ending. graphics were... well... terrible, yea, but that didnt lower the overall at all. i enjoyed it, good job.

Good Job man, loved it

This is really an Art-Piece. It made it into my favourites.
Also the music just hits the right spot and the change in thinking is nicely done. All in all, great work, keep it up.

Twistedly nice

Original, nice smooth animation, good choice of music, and overall a great flash. Best part about it, is that it's simple, not headache flashy, and also short and sweet.



very entertaining

Great point

why you guys trolling? you know those games COD and other games like that, people really get shot. You ever played mario? people get kidnapped, and you guys are complaining over a very well put flash video with an awesome story and meaning, pfft c'mon you guys thats ridiculous. I think the writer of this had a great point and awesome view on it. It happens, life happens, and when everything good happens bad stuff does, when you want to die you can't. it's just the point on the video 5/5 man, not only for the other people's disrespectful views on your video, but also because it is a good video with a great point. i say keep them coming ^^