Reviews for "Attempting Suicide"

thats just how life works

he sould have just blown the crap up
funny as hell all the same

the best vid i've seen so far on here

Idk where to start. it was amazing, hes life eats balls....but the ending was epic xD -vinny

haha. lmao. this video made me think about life and stopped me from killing myself. thanx. - brett


funny idea i liked how he was like O.O wen it didnt work XD

ahh life's a bitch ain't it?

i've been there & done that, all of that. you get all depressed that you wish to end your existance then you remember what you love and then you can't do it.that proves with some there is a mystic force beyond humans understanding. trust me anyone who reads this suicide isn't worth it,it will still bring great pain not only to you but to the ones you love and the ones who love you.a momentary word by Rei the shadow dragon.fare thy well all who live on this earth.if i have offended anyone i offer my dearest apoligy and wish you good health.


i remember watching this in school long ago lol. still funny, i like the cartoon style graphics.