Reviews for "Attempting Suicide"

wow... in a good way

that movie was one of the best things ive ever seen. awsome music, good flow, and halarous twist at the end, it was just plain awsome and let me tell you i dont give out good scores easily

Dude that movie was freaking Awesome!!!!!!!

Dude that movie was freaking Awesome!!!!!!!

Make more I want more!!!!!!

I need to laugh!!!!!

that movie was so funny I didn't think he was gonna die at the end

Killed by a Fucking Bus

I geuss thats better than getting hit in the face by a Deadly Tire

by Dane Cook

the best movie ever i might try them (kiding lol!)

it is da best


He first attempted suicide about a million times.

He still couldn't get it to "work".

Then he thought of the good things in life.

Walked away, got drove over by a car.

Made me laugh my face off.


totaly fuc*ed up in the best way possible :D