Reviews for "Attempting Suicide"




Thats Actulally Sad! :(


it was so funny and the animation was so charming

The ending was predictable.

Overall the video was paced kind of slowly.. but it would have been made a lot better if the ending was less predictable or just more creative/clever.. Like if his final attempt had him accidentally save a girls life/dog/or otherwise meet a girl and he falls in love, leaving his suicide attempts behind. It would have added a lot of charm to the video than some run of the mill "impossible suicide video where he dies accidentally" video. Aside from that, keep at it.

Good, but so expected.

IT was great, really, but I found it way too expected as an ending. From the beginning, I knew he would give up, or give into the "wonderful world", but then get killed. I liked the animation, and the choice of music.