Reviews for "Attempting Suicide"


nice ending. graphics were... well... terrible, yea, but that didnt lower the overall at all. i enjoyed it, good job.


Hehe, liked the bit with Ned's Trampolines and Pillow-Mart.


I'm sitting here trying not to laugh so loud so I don't wake my roommate. That was so hilarious! The ending was ironic and funny! I love how you have the song match the mood. Nice touch, just adds to this video. The thing that got me the most was his facial expressions, that was NICELY animated and just really added character. Man, I want to like post this on my myspace lol! That's just great! I want to give you a pat on the back for making this. *Pats you on the back* Thanks for the laughs man. Anyone who tries to bash this... well I don't think i really need to say anything, they'd just say it for themselves by attempting to bash something this good. Nice work!


dude that was amazing i loved it i figured it b another crap submission but it surprised i say u need to make a lot more and keep up the good work

btw i loved that song


it's kinda funny i liked the song make more