Reviews for "Attempting Suicide"


'Twas amusing. i like the animation as he fell from the building, good detail on his face. 5.

hmm hmm

Well, the movie was good, but it's all been done and was VERY predictable from start to finish (even just with the title). But i like it none the less. some animators are good animators but not so good scriptors and scenarists ;)

Keep it up anyway, practice makes perfect.

that was great

awsome flash. i loved the ending. it was great. love the song choice. it really suted the movie


That was unexpected at the end lol.

and I KNEW that branch would snap lmao


hahahah the little dude just cant kill himself lol!

very sad ending though. y does every1 make nice happy movies and turn them twisted? why? really thats just sad...problems...