Reviews for "Jellyfish"

good one

wow..... thats all i can really say about this one is wow. this game was very original, highly entertaining and an excellent time killer. this one had some very nice graphics in it, good audio from the audio portal, good controls and gameplay and it was quite addicting as well.
good work on this one, and glad to see it win an award and get on the NG front page.


Fun game! For the first level, then I bailed, but I gave you a 5 on the vote thingy on the side where the little dude is all :D and it says WOOT!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG 2 THIS. You took your time, Good job, FANSTICRALOUICOUSTEDESTERGREAT MAGNIFICENTFUCKINGBRILLIANTGAM EDOODZ!

I saw this on your deviant page

it was pretty kool man. the game was kinda too simple probably, but still fun. the little jellyfish guy was kool :D

Ok.... I'd better stick with other flash

Good sound and graphics, though the game could be more challengine. I don't reccommend this game as the best game, but nice try. Just make it more unique next time.

Heh Meh

Not bad at all. Good coding, i like the concept you used here. A bit "cheesey", but im sure you will be able to come up with some cool new content now that you have this coding and concept down. Keep up the good work.