Reviews for "Jellyfish"

Good game but too easy.

I would have given this a much higher score if you simply shaved the time remaining (by at least 10 seconds on every level) Right now you can easily breeze through it.

unprecise controls

Make the controls more precise and delete the bug making the jellyfish going down when clicking on next level button

its a fair game

im with those guys who said it can use some expanding because its to easy and can use some more interactivity. over all its a FAIR GAME.but not GREAT.

Like the last review says, Needs expanding.

If you had features like customizeing the jellyfish, And other small bits it would make it alot more fun, Although it was still fun.

I like the movement on the tentacles and i like the idea of it, But it would be better if the fish moved (Sorry if they did, I only played up until about the 3 or 4th level.

Anyway, Good work and i hope to see more like this.

Nice, but incomplete

Nice presentation, cool idea. I like the way the tentacles move on the jellyfish.
a. You need some "dead time" between the time the level begins and the time the tentacles start attracting objects. I would start a level with my cursor in some odd place, and the jellyfish would jump there, pulling in whatever crap it passes by. I need some time to stage the cursor at the start of the level.
b. Releasing the stuff wasn't useful, because it was all thrown up at once and then sunk to the floor. It's not possible to toss the bad and keep the good.