Reviews for "Jellyfish"

great idea

well thought out and a different idea
but i didnt enjoy it
no idea why
good dame though

Great Job

Nice job on this one, I did have one problem though, when you finish a level, after you click the 'next' button your jellyfish goes towards where your mouse was (which was where the button was). This is troublesome because I could not avoid the bad objects when this happened. I always ended picking up like 1 or 2, without me actually doing anything yet.

Overall it was a nice game. Very Original.


what an original game. this is really cool!

Great, original idea. A few tweaks neede though.

Does clicking just send them flying in random directions? I never got the hang of it and if my analysis is right, then I think you made I bad move. I think instead, it should maybe maintain its velocity, but simply be 'uncatchable' for 1-3 seconds.

I also got slightly confused about things slipping from my net. At first, I thought it simply happened if I went above a certain velocity, but later on I tried to shake something off and it didn't work...

I found the font in the instructions page to be a poor choice for body text. Lovely font and I like the outlines from an aesthetic perspective, but it seems far more aimed at visual loveliness than readability.

The game itself kinda seemed stuck between being a game and a toy to me. Now, before I say anything more, I'd like to say that I did think it had a great original concept, the sort of physics-based thing that could only be created using this medium. The graphics were lovely, with good colours and no clashes. The kind of coding I could never do and the artwork that was accomplished (if perhaps a tiny bit bland compared to some of fuzz's previous animations). I like how the scanlines have become a sort of signature. Honestly great work from both you guys.

But I just think it could be made more fun...

For a game, I think it needs more feedback (for if we get a 'perfect' score and also maybe a verbal rating at the end) and also maybe more of a sense of possible failure. Simply noting how many we failed to get or maybe having lives would help.

It could make for a great toy. Make the screen bigger, add a bunch of variously coloured circles, let us make up our own rules...

Hate auto-starting music.

Lastly, the difficulty curve is really odd. Instead of going 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (in terms of number of fish), a pattern with a steady difficulty incline (rather than having the most difficult part be 1/2 way through) might be something like 10,9,1,8,2,7,3,5,4.

Although I think I like your pattern better.

Great originality and I could see myself maybe returning to this.

Just really needs more feedback, maybe more stylised graphics and a few minor tweaks to really shine. (Maybe longer time limit, but bad objects actually mean you can't complete that level and it must be retried, at the expense of a life (and a bunch of points)?)

I hope to see a 'revamped' version at some point in the future!


the idea is great but there isnt a real variety. and at the end of the level where u get ur total u have to press next level to advance which sends ur jellyfish sprawling into boots and buckets when u start playing the next level...real annoying, great concept expand on it and u have an awesome game