Reviews for "Jellyfish"


^^Good Points^^
A very deserving game for a daily award as it was very well made. The graphics were very professional and very clean. The animations and coloring flowed very nicely. The game had an interesting objective that was rather unique.

^^Needs Improving^^
I only found one real drawback of this game. Whenever I started a level, because of my mouse position, the jellyfish dude would move all around the screen very quickly to meet the mouse. In this period it wasn't uncommon to pick up a boot or bucket.

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Really well though out

This is a great little game. I'm quite impressed with all of this. The animations before the game starts are awesome and I knew I was looking at something special from then on.

I do have one major problem with the game - whenever you click on the "next level" button, the jelleyfish starts at the top centre of the screen and immediately rushes towards the cursor position, catching all sorts of bad stuff on the way.

Still, if you take care of that little problem, you've got an award winning great little game.

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very good

this game was well done and kinda ddictive i mean this would be the best if u got upgrade i like upgrades and like songs asd the the background music not some repetative thing but other than that good job

Go jellyfish go!

It was a fun and unique game and the physics engine was very good, interesting game. Very easy to get into to.

jelly belly

good idea, i havnt seen any games like this b4, but one thing id probably reccomend would be putting in a start button before each level.

when i went to start the levels off id end up suckin up like 6 boots without even touching the mouse