Reviews for "Jellyfish"

More potential.

That game wasnt as good as i expected when i saw the "armor games" logo and the jellyfish in the preloader. It is nearly impossible to avoid the bad objects as they are kinda magnetic and it is too hard to control your own tentacles. Sometimes the performance became suddenly very fast at the beginning of a level. Nevertheless original.

great but short

That the best game i play today but it was too sort and when we start a level the thing go down.=(

.......great game, but...

i'll agree with Short Monkey and luminousnerd. It was a great game, but the glitch kept messing me up, and that pretty ruined it.


This was a great fun game to play. It was very different and easy to play... One problem I had though was when you clicked the play button, the jellyfish would go straight to the cursor which could sometimes make me catch something bad. It would've been a good idea to make it have 3 seconds before it actually started.

Overall it was very fun and unique game. 9.8/10


You did everything right but fucked up

You made a nice game, but you fucked it all up with one stupid, obvious mistake. It's been pointed out many times, so I'm sure you're aware, but it's impossible to start a level without picking up at least one junk item, because the squid darts down to where your cursor is as soon as you press next. The squid shouldn't DART, it should START there. I can't figure out how to get rid of junk once you pick it up, so basically this game is impossible to play because of that.

For that I give it a 0.