Reviews for "Jellyfish"

Could use some expansion.

Id like to see more out of this idea in the future. More variety of items. Maybe a bigger playing space to allow for more things. Possibly some obsticles in the way of stuff. Etc. By the way im currently at the top of the high scores under the name Jay. I R AMAZING! Lol, i couldnt help bragging about that, altough im sure that will change soon once more and more people play it. Still... WOHOO!

This is flash at its greatest.

I love it. I need some private time.

Not Bad

I like the idea could use a bit of expansion on the content and what you can do. Such as maybe shocking the fish to eat them or something like that or have some landmindes that you could die by.

Found a bug

when i went to enter my score into the high score rankings I repeatedly hit submit and it entered me in multiple times. not sure how'd you fix it but it should be looked into.

great game by the way

Vengeance responds:

Thanks for the review. I fixed the bug and am updating the file now. ^_^

Awesome Game

10th place :) im sure it will go back down but for now w00t :P