Reviews for "Jellyfish"


Was fun and good looking, but the last few levels it was impossible not to automatically pick up some debris as the level started. Was this intentional?

Pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

w00t I scored 8th place (well at least for now). Hehe once again you did great. keep up the good work. Although the music did kind of get annoying at some times. oh well!

well made game

the first few levels are pretty easy.it moves pretty smoothly .Best game Ive played in recent memory.Not that it really matters,but the jelly fish looks a little more like a squid than a jelly fish.Other than that I really like it

Pretty good, very few flaws.

Control scheme worked very well, and the game was pretty simple to get into, my only problem would be at the start of a level the jellyfish would be jerked to wherever my mouse happened to be at the time, causing me to collect boots and other chaff before I had a chance to react. Other then that one complaint it was a fairly good game.

hmmm, this is good.

This could use a bit is story or point but what the heck, good flash! Hope you make more games with cool items and wachamacatis and whatever stuff and guns or cany or.................ummm.......
...some thing cool. good luck, i voted 5