Reviews for "Jellyfish"

not bad

pretty good for a jellyfish game , it was fun except for its kinda short and frustrating cause of all the boots but hey its fun

Creative and fun

i played this game for maybe about 20 levels and it was very strange way of playing i mean its not every day you get to be a giant squid/jellyfish/glue monster thing that picks up fish and boots from the ocean :D maybe add alittle story if possible or make it more interesting good job

Decent "Fishy"-like game

New spin on the Fishy-type games. Interesting concept, but like fishy, does get dull after a while.

Keep up the ... decent work.


But if no one else said this if u press space even without collecting all the fish u still go to the next lvl might wanna fix that

High Scores Bugged

Right now, the high scores seem to be bugged. I've scored ~271,000 (yes, two-hundred seventy one thousand) yet I'm not appearing on the high scores as first.
My only complaint about the game is whether or not an item sticks to you seems too uncontrollable. At times it has taken 5+ seconds for an item that is hardly moving to stick, even when it's in direct contact with the tips of the tenticals.
Also, the attraction for bad items seems far greater then for good items. They tend to stick no matter how fast I try to move away. Is this intentional?