Reviews for "Jellyfish"


I had far too much fun with this game Its wonderful and i hope you make more like it


The movement of the jellyfish is alright, but other than that this game was frustrating and bad. The appendages only need to pass nearby an object for it to stick, so if a fish is too close to a boot... :P

Good concept done badly

Would have been cool, except for the fact that when you click on "next level," you automatically go shooting toward that portion of the screen and end up picking up a ton of stuff. That one problem made the game nearly unplayable.

From what I could tell, too, if a fish happens to appear pretty much on top of a boot or bucket, there is absolutely no way to get the fish without getting the bad item. Maybe the default should be that when moving around, your tentacles "hit" things and move them around, and you hold down a key to make them grab instead?

Like I said, not a bad idea, but the execution of the interface is just done very poorly.


not bad...could be a little more exciting.


its a nice game well done =)
only problem is that if you go to the next level the jellyfish goes directly to the arrow if you press "next level" and then you well get all those bad things instead of fish, its pretty anoying becouse that will ruine youre score =S
but anyway very nice game!
you should really make more =)
and make an update off this one ;)